Motor rotary tables

Our motor rotary tables are equipped a low backlash worm gear.  It is suitable for an exactly positioning of workpieces like laser, sensors, cameras,... It got positioned with a step motor NEMA 17. The bearing of the shaft offers a high radial rotation accuracy. Through the huge bore of the wave it is possible to guide cables and signal lines through the rotary axis. With the adjustable positioning ring the answering position can be freely selectable towards the workpiece.

Motorized turntables - turntable with stepper motor for motorized setting tasks

Four motor turntable product lines for all applications

With four different product lines, our motor rotary tables solve a wide range of positioning tasks. They are suitable for the exact, fast and repeatable setting of angular positions.

As a turntable manufacturer, we offer advanced solutions for Industry 4.0. We offer the universally applicable Basic Line with compact precision, the High-Performance Line, which is particularly fast and precise, and our strongest product line, the Strong Line, with maximum power. The powerful turntable motor of the SG-Line precisely positions the turntable via the cross rollers, even under high mechanical loads.

In our latest product line, the "QN-Line", the turntable is not driven by a worm gear. The turntable stepper motor drives the turntable via a toothed belt drive. This enables the turntable to rotate quickly and dynamically.

Our turntables with motor are used in test laboratories, research, in mechanical engineering and automation, in the plastics processing industry or as welding turntables.

Discover the right rotary table with motor for your application in our four product lines.

Turntable with stepper motor in suitable size, directly from the turntable manufacturer

We supply our motor turntable in different sizes, suitable for small and large-format applications. As a rotary table manufacturer, we offer equal precision and performance for all sizes. The motor turntables differ in the diameter of the turntable and in the transmittable torque. The turntable motor is always arranged coaxially to the worm of the worm gear.

For example, the MDT36008-AK-S model from our BS line is a small turntable with a stepper motor and controller. This rotary table with drive has an outer diameter of 54 millimeters. The maximum output torque is 1.2 Nm. As a product in the upper size class, we offer the turntable with stepper motor MDT36012-HP. The HP-Line has a turntable diameter of 80 millimeters and a maximum torque of 3 Nm.

Turntables with stepper motor in three equipment variants for every area of application

We offer the motorized turntables in three configurations. The complete solution includes the turntable stepper motor with integrated positioning control.

The second variant is only equipped with the motor and is therefore suitable for integration into existing or alternative control systems.

In addition, our turntables are also available without a motor. This ensures the greatest flexibility when integrating into new designs. Furthermore, the customer can fall back on drives and controls that he is familiar with.

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