Suction Lifters

Vacuum Lifter Technology – Our Range of Vacuum Operated Systems and Vacuum Lifters Operated by Compressed Air

At MM Engineering our world-class range of suction lifting equipment are second to none and provide machine builders as well as research technicians with a stunning amount of choice. All sort of machines which require a very simple and reliable lifting mechanism to function properly can rely on our superb vacuum and suction lifters.

They have a track record of performing well in a wide variety of settings. Not only will designers of such systems find a suitably sized device to do the sort of lifting job they require of their machinery, but repair technicians will also be able to find replacement parts and entire vacuum lifters they can use to replace any they require for their current systems.

As one of the world's leading vacuum lifters manufacturers, not only is our vacuum lifter technology highly reliable but it makes use of the latest, cutting-edge automation, too. For example, our approach to lifting systems that include vacuums to create strong grips on workpieces means that, for the entire process, only a 3/2-way valve is required.

Furthermore, many of our precisely engineered devices come with a lifting sucker that locates the relevant workpiece automatically as it works. This means that it can then return it to its former position in a lightning fast fashion ready to go onto the next process stage unhindered.

Our vacuum suction cup lifter can operate as a vacuum pick and place system too, when required, in order to ensure differently sized items are handled independently of one another. Few other vacuum lifter manufacturers offer so much choice, reliability and sheer engineering excellence across its entire range.

Small Suction Handles

Our vacuum operated lifters require just a single line to function properly no matter which industrial setting you plan to put them to work in. The suction cup lifting device we make is a powerful unit which comes with a stroke that ranges from 17 mm to 80 mm across the seven different vacuum pneumatic cylinders that make up the entire range.

The smallest has a lifting force of 3N which is more than enough for many industrial applications. However, if you require something with a great deal more lifting force, then you could opt for one of the much heftier vacuum operated lifters. The largest one is capable of exerting the equivalent of 50N.

Suction Lifter for Sheet Feeders

This range of vacuum stroke cylinders is already widely used for the safe separation and feeding of stacked workpieces in many industries. You can find our vacuum lifters utilised in many sheet feeders for the printing and paper manufacturing industries, for example, often because they provide zero rotation when they are in use.

Material Handling Suction Cups

Additionally, our vacuum suction lifter is often used as suction pads for robotic arms within the car making industry. Other areas where these devices are used include packaging plants where cardboard needs to be automatically manipulated or folded. Indeed, the range is equally adept at handling sheet metal, wood and veneers if wanted, as well.

With a huge number of mounting configurations, this range of vacuum lifting products comes with a simple energy supply system that makes maintaining them easy. This ease of operation is only augmented by the single vacuum line we make use of to keep the design of the range as simple as possible.

Given that they are already incredibly reliable units, few would disagree that MM Engineering offers a top-notch range of vacuum operated lifting technology which provides a long life in the field with very few onward costs associated with them.

Vacuum Lifter Technology Operated by Compressed Air

The high-quality air powered vacuum lifter produced by MM Engineering constitutes a product range that is made up of seven different devices, each designed for specific industrial purposes.

Every product is designed to be able to lift reliably even when they are used for hours on end without any quality issues at all. It is important to note that our compressed air lifting devices can handle both stacked or pre-separated parts in such a way that the workpieces being handled will not be compressed.

Only a very gentle contact of the suction cup on the workpiece is made despite the strong grip that is maintained. Coupled with a lightning-fast direction reversal, our compressed air lifters are truly world-beating in their class.

Suction Cup for Plastic Cards

Our vacuum pick and place lifters are widely used within the plastics industry as well as many other sectors. Complete with a suction lifter which has an integrated venturi injector and a corresponding blow-off impulse, our lifters make clever use of compressed air to enable the picking up and replacement of plastic and other workpieces at very fast rates indeed.

This is a primary concern to many system and product designers who want to enable extremely fast workflows with their automated processes. Designed to be as light as possible, our compressed air vacuum lifting products can be installed alongside a wide variety of other automation devices and actuators to provide engineers with a huge number of handling possibilities.

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