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Modular system in 4 sizes

Five Options for Hand-Operated Adjustment Axes

At MM Engineering, our precisely manufactured hand-operated adjustment axes are designed to function in a modular fashion. This makes just about every scientific and industrial application a possibility depending on the combination you use. Thanks to the multi-axes movements that can be produced from these devices, our adjustable products are suited to bespoke machinery makers, measurement technicians, laboratory researchers and equipment manufacturers of all kinds.

Of course, when it comes to the hand operation of adjustable axes in manual actuators, system designers often require a number of options. At MM Engineering, our range offers no less than five types of technology. They comprise positioning tables, XY stages, Z stages, rotary tables and rotary stages. Read on to find out more about each of the positioning technologies we offer in manual actuators. 

Option One - Positioning Tables

Commonly used for precise movements as well as coordinate-controlled stopping functions, our positioning table tends to be utilised by engineers with sensors, cameras and other devices, perhaps to act as switches or to function with sub-assemblies.

When critical actuator positioning is called for, our range of positioning tables provides a high degree of accuracy and reliability even when they are used in harsh environments. We offer two distinct ranges, short and long. Our high precision linear stage is available in three sizes in the shorter version while the longer variety comes in four sizes. Each manual linear stage is supplied with a clear scale knob or a position indicator to help ensure users are able to get the most precise results possible when operating them.

Our positioning table is available in 4 sizes. From the heavy linear stage with a guide rod diameter of 25 mm to the miniature linear stage with a carriage size of just 29 mm x 29 mm is very well suited for positioning the smallest components.

Option Two - XY Stages

Offering superb coordinate controls, our XY table is superbly engineered to afford a great deal of accuracy. As such, this xy positioning stage is frequently used to control the position of manual actuators in a plane for measuring technology applications. It is equally to be found in optical systems, such as laser lens positioning, for example.

Our high-quality approach at MM Engineering means that out XY positioner is also sought-after in many areas of industrial automation as well as in laboratories. Six models are available in total, three shorter versions and three longer ones. Each is supplied with either a scale knob or a position indicator so that they user always knows exactly how they have lined up a XY stage's two axes when operating this type of manual actuator by hand.

Option Three - Z Stages

Sometimes used in conjunction with our superb XY stages, MM Engineering also produces a wide range of Z stages. In this way, an xy linear stage can be extended to an xyz stage. Essentially, a Z stage operates in much the same way as one that is designed for a flat plane but it introduces the possibility of precise positioning in a vertical position, too.

Our Z stages are ideal for engineers designing specialist machinery which require manual actuators to operate at different vertical levels. Thanks to the extremely well-produced range of Z stages on offer, you can choose a product which is ideally suited to your particular engineering requirement. There are no less than four different sizes of Z stage on offer which, like our XY stages, come with a scale knob or a position indicator so that the user always knows precisely where they have positioned the device. 

Option Four - Rotary Tables

The manually adjustable precision rotary tables made by MM Engineering are able to offer the level of fine-tuning that is so often required in laboratories and engineering facilities these days. Made with a reliably accurate turntable that is constructed from of anodized aluminium and other components that are derived from hardened steel, our rotary table offers stability of operation even when it is used again and again.

Each model is designed to allow for only tiny amounts of backlash when used by hand. Indeed, our scale knobs or position indicators, used throughout the range, provide for lots of accuracy within a single rotation. Our manual rotary tables come in three different sizes and are consequently suited to many different industrial and scientific applications in the field. 

Option Five - Rotary Stages

Offered in four sizes, with diameters that vary from 35 mm through to 150 mm, our manual rotary stages can be operated quickly without losing out on the precision that is so necessary for many engineering applications these days. Perfect for when manual operation of actuators needs to be performed reliably but under a degree of time pressure, our rotary stages are made with the same anodised aluminium that is to be found in our precision rotary stages range.

Look no further if you are seeking high-quality rotary stages which offer a convenient lateral scale that is suited to complicated tasks plus a robust lifting lever that can be used repeatedly with a great deal of confidence.

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