Cross Tables

Mini cross tables with slide bearing and manual spindle adjustmentas an object carrier

Cross slides in various designs and sizes

Cross tables position machine elements, measuring devices, workpieces, sensors, cameras and the like under coordinate control. Positioning takes place in a plane (XY axis) or in space (X Y Z axis).

Our manually operable precision XY table complements our product range of positioning tables, which realize a precise linear displacement along a coordinate axis, to form a two- or three-dimensional positioning system.

We offer the cross slides for positioning as an XY axis in two designs. As a short form, the XY adjustment implements a positioning system in the smallest of spaces thanks to one-sided support. As a long form, the X-Y positioning tables, supported on both sides, combine high stability with a light construction.

We supply both designs in three sizes to match our positioning tables, which can be mounted directly on the compound slide. The flexible cross table system is available in three variants in every design and size. Each for the assembly of a short and a long positioning table for optional installation with the control element pointing to the right or left.

Measuring tables with scale button or convenient position indicator

We offer our cross table systems, manually adjustable, with three different configurations. The standard equipment has a graduated knob for positioning the slide on the XY axis.

As an alternative, we also supply an operating unit with a mechanical or electronic position indicator for each cross table. The positioning is precise for all variants. However, the position indicators make it easier to read the set values and thus offer greater ease of use. The equipment options correspond to those of our positioning tables, so that the same variants can be used for the X, Y, Z axis.

Our manual XY adjustments are equipped with maintenance-free plain bearings and do not require clamping for the spindle lock after adjustment, as the spindle is self-locking.

Combine coordinates cross table flexibly to the positioning system

In order to offer the greatest possible flexibility when setting up positioning systems, our cross tables are manual and designed as a modular system. This means that the cross tables can be freely combined with one another, with our positioning tables and other connecting elements to form a cross table XYZ.

A cross slide with an XY axis can easily be expanded to an X Y Z axis by adding another positioning module using a vertical holder. In addition to linear displacement, positioning in polar coordinates is also possible with our turntables. Our mounting brackets in the modular system enable a simple combination of positioning modules with crossing planes or at an angle of 45.You might also be interested in


Positioniertische motorisiert

Positioniertische motorisiert

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