Motorized Actuators

A Comprehensive Range of Stepper Motor Operated Motorized Actuators

The high-quality engineering that goes into the motorized actuators we produce means that our clients can rest assured of a great deal of reliability as well as longevity from these products. In fact, our wide range of motorized positioning systems and actuators make use of the latest developments in linear technology to ensure smooth activation when they are in use in all sorts of industrial settings.

Our top-notch electro-mechanical actuators come with different designs as well as size configurations to suit virtually any application our customers could think of. Some are manufactured with precise coaxial and lateral drives, as well as those with motorized linear stages. In addition, our range includes stepper motors which are used to drive motorized rotary tables. It is also possible to find all of the accessories that might be required to go along with these devices.

Given the ever-increasing degree to which automation is used in a huge number of industrial processes these days, not least in the manufacturing sector, the demand for precisely engineer electric actuators is only likely to increase. Thankfully, our comprehensive range already meets the needs of many enterprises engaged with automation. We have products that will suit virtually any application. Read on to discover more about some the key characteristics of our motorized actuators today.

The Various Designs of Electric Linear Stages

We produce a precision engineered range of motorized linear stages for automated processes of all kinds of linear motion. There are two principle designs to choose from. The first is a short actuator type which has a single bearing block. The other type we manufacture is a long actuator which has a pair of bearing blocks.

There are two sizes of the shorter version of the electric linear actuator we make for linear motion. These are MPT2408 (a very small linear actuator) and MPT3012, . These actuators have a 24mm and 30mm stroke length, respectively. The guide diameter of the MPT2408 short linear actuator is just 8mm, while the MPT3012 linear motion actuator has one of 12mm.

By contrast, the longer versions of our motorized linear actuator, MPT5008 and MPT7512, have respective stroke lengths of 50mm and 75mm. Like our shorter actuators, these longer ones also have a guide diameters of 8mm and 12mm, respectively.

The spindle speed of our high precision linear actuator is max. 600 rpm, which corresponds to a linear actuator speed of 20 mm/s. The linear actuator force is up to 60 N.

Bear in mind, too, that we offer two different types of drive mechanism. Depending on the particular application, we are able to supply motorized linear stages with either coaxial or lateral drive mechanisms. Of these, there are also three product variants to choose between. The product code B indicates the actuator in question is supplied without a motor. Products with M coding have a stepper motor included and those marked with an S are supplied with a motor and actuator speed controller in a single, compact device.

Our Stepper Motor Operated Motorized Rotary Tables

We also make a very reliable motor driven rotary table for industrial use in different sizes and versions. These offer a long-lasting operation which is virtually free from the sort of backlash that is associated with worm gear devices. Our rotary tables are motorized with a complete duty cycle that is tested to be problem-free in working temperatures that range from 10 to 60° C.

Expect any of our motorized rotary tables to come with exceptionally handy features, such as fully adjustable positioning ring. This feature alone allows these devices to work with an independent definition of any rotational reference point that might be in place.

Our superb motorized rotary table is supplied in four distinct lines. The first is the BS line which offers two size variations depending on the application. The second is the HP line which is designed for strength and durability. It comes in two different gear sizes. The third is our ever-popular SG line which is designed for high-performance characteristics even when exposure to plenty of axial forces is expected. Finally, there is our QN line with toothed belt drive for fast rotary motion. The rotary table motor can be mounted in two different positions.

Again, the SG line is available in two different sizes. This stepper motor rotary table is suitable for many different settings.

Please note that although our motorized rotary tables are designed and engineered to offer incredible levels of efficient working in the field, that it is possible to find some extremely low-cost motorized actuator technology throughout our range. All of our devices are made to offer great value for money as well as high performance when in use.

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