Rotary Stages

fixable in any position
notch every 90 °
2 ° scale
4 sizes: 04 / 08 / 12 / 25

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  1. DS04
    Rotary Stage DS04

    Massblatt Drehscheibe DS04

    Our mini rotary stage DS04 with a diameter of only 35 mm is suitable for the swiveling of sensors, laser probes and other light components.
    Because of its low height of only 15mm it can be integrated space-savingly integrated into your system.

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  2. DS08
    Rotary Stage DS08


    The compact DS08 rotary stage can be fixed in any position by means of a clamping lever.
    The 90° detent by means of a ball thrust piece supports the operator during rotation orientation.

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  3. DS12
    Rotary Stage DS12

    Massblatt Drehscheibe DS12

    With the DS12 rotary stage, medium loads up to 15kg can be rotatably supported and positioned.
    Removable threaded inserts offer alternative mounting options for the components here.

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  4. DS25
    Rotary Stage DS25

    Massblatt Drehscheibe DS25

    Thanks to its sliding discs, the DS25 rotary bearing can support high axial forces of up to 300N.
    The rotary stage can also be used as a counter bearing for our rotary tables.

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Clampable precision rotary modules directly from the rotary disc manufacturer

Manually twistable shim with clamp in four sizes

Our turntables complement our turntables with a compact and lightweight alternative when fine adjustment using a worm gear is not required.

As a turntable manufacturer, our range includes the circular focusing screen in four different sizes. The outer diameter of the adjusting disk is in the range of 35 to 150 millimeters. With a height of just 15 millimeters, our smallest hand turntable DS04 offers a high-quality solution for precise, manual positioning around a rotary axis, especially in tight spaces. This shim is designed for axial forces of up to 50 N and radial forces of up to 30 Newton.

The largest model from our turntable manufacturer program, the DS25 adjusting disc with an outer diameter of 150 millimeters, on the other hand, absorbs forces of up to 300 Newtons axially and 200 Newtons radially. It is also suitable, for example, as a counter bearing for long components in connection with our rotary table DT36025.

Manual rotary adjuster with clamping lever and scale for quick, reproducible angle setting

In contrast to our manual turntables, the quickly adjustable turntable does not have a fine adjustment with a gear, but is adjusted and locked directly via a swivel lever. To read off the set position, a scale with a division of 2° is attached directly to the outer edge of the adjusting disk.

In addition, the positioning elements are equipped with detents that can be easily deactivated by removing the spring-loaded ball. Depending on the size, the increments of the detents are 90° or 45°. For the assembly of add-on parts or the connection to other positioning elements, the adjusting disk is provided with four bores per contact surface, which are equipped with pressed-in nuts. If required, the nuts can simply be pressed out by the user and replaced with socket head screws according to DIN 912 D2.

Combining positioning systems consisting of rotating and swiveling modules, linear units and connecting elements

As a turntable manufacturer, we have integrated our adjustment elements for circular positioning into our modular system for positioning solutions. The rotary adjuster can therefore be easily and flexibly combined with other positioning elements and with connection modules. This makes it easier to set up powerful positioning systems and also reduces the effort involved in subsequent conversion.

Numerous components are available for linear and rotational positioning as well as static elements. In addition to the adjusting disk, these include rotary tables, linear positioning tables, swivel units, mounting plates and connecting brackets.

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