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Small conveyor belts of the FB10 series

The conveyor belts of the FB10 series impress with their very compact design, which is achieved by the drive built into the conveyor belt.

These belt conveyors are manufactured according to customer requirements with a conveyor belt width of 60 mm to 300 mm and an external length of 520 mm to 3000 mm.

The base frame of the conveyor consists of an aluminum profile, to which your attachments can easily be mounted.

Depending on the size of the conveyor system, the highest conveying load is between 1 kg and 5 kg. the maximum speed at 21 m / min, depending on the belt load and size.

It is driven by a 24V BLDC motor with an integrated controller.

Regarding the quality of the conveyor belt, you can choose between numerous properties.

Whether oil-resistant, suitable for food or provided with different studs, we will be happy to advise you.

Drive technology

  • Internal drivebrushless EC motor 24 V
  • Maxon GS45 spur gear
  • Torque transmission to the drive roller via toothed belt T5
  • Toothed belt drive below the conveyor belt

Electrical connections

  • white: +24 V power supply +24 V protected against polarity reversal
  • brown: -Gnd power supply -24 V protected against polarity reversal
  • green: direction switched to Gnd changes the running direction
  • yellow: disable switched to Gnd belt stops
  • grey: brake switched to Gnd short-circuits motor winding, belt brakes
  • pink: speed 0 - 5 V Speed control from 1.25% to 100% of the nominal speed
  • blue: Monitor N digital speed output

Maxon EC45 30 W

  • brushless EC motor Maxon EC45 flat 24 V, 30 W
  • Maxon DEC24 control electronics integrated in the conveyor belt

Maxon EC45 70 W

  • brushless EC motor Maxon EC45 flat 24 V, 70 W
  • Maxon DEC50 control electronics integrated in the conveyor belt
Leichtbau Förderband


  • Base frame made from Bosch strut profile system 45 x 45 mm
  • Belt support plate top and bottom made of VA sheet metal 2 mm
  • Wheels spherical made of aluminum Ø 49 mm, ball bearings
  • Stainless steel axles
  • Anodised aluminum bearing brackets
Förderband platzsparend


  • am Bosch-Profil-Rahmen mit Nuten
  • an den Gewindebohrungen in den Lagerlaschen
  • an Kundenspezifischen Befestigungspunkten
  • Gestelle auf Maß

Förderband wie groß
  • Roller diameter 49 mm
  • Belt width from 60 mm to 300 mm in 1 mm increments
  • Standard widths: 60mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Total length from 520 mm to 3000 mm in 1 mm increments
  • The maximum dimensions depend on the belt quality and the conveying load.
  • approved for food
  • heat resistant
  • oil resistant
  • transparent for transmitted light
  • equipped antistatic
  • congestion eligible
  • different surface structures
  • with welded profiles

Order example


  • FB10 = Conveyor belt series FB10
  • 100 = Belt width 100 mm
  • 1000 = total length 1000 mm
  • 11,5 = Conveyor speed max. 11.5 m/min
  • KR = Cable exit on the right
  • MK = rolling knife edge Ø 15 mm on the deflection side
  • P = Potentiometer for speed control

Price example


  • 1 Pc.: 1.883,00 €

  • 2 Pcs.: 1.614,00 €

  • 3 Pcs.: 1.524,00 €

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