Positioning Tables

Manual positioning tables:
Backlash-free and precise linear movement

Manual positioning table with slide guide directly from the positioning table manufacturer

A manual positioning table enables the precise, linear displacement of stops, switches, sensors, cameras and other devices, assemblies or components.

This makes it particularly suitable for use in special machines, test benches, laboratory equipment and in general mechanical engineering. As a linear unit manufacturer, we offer axial play-free, manual positioning tables with a self-locking spindle in two designs.

The short version is available in three sizes, the long version in four sizes. Our short positioning tables have a one-sided support that supports space-saving installation and offer a stroke range of between 11 and 25 millimeters. With the long forms, the linear slide guide is supported on both sides, so that we can realize strokes between 23 and 86 mm with a slim linear unit.

All of our manual positioning tables are designed as a modular system and can be supplied in various configurations.

Linear adjuster with scale button, optionally readable on the position indicator

We deliver our manual positioning table in three configurations.

The adjustment is precise, either via a simple scale knob with graduations or a rotary knob with a mechanical or electronic position indicator.

All parts of our carriage guide with spindle are made of high-quality materials. We manufacture the bearing blocks and carriages from anodised aluminium, the guide columns and spindles from stainless steel and the maintenance-free plain bearings for the carriage guide from brass.

Further equipment details of the manual positioning tables: As a manufacturer of slide guides, we manufacture with absolute precision. The radial play of the linear unit is less than 0.02 millimeters. The self-locking spindle makes it unnecessary to lock the carriage guide after adjusting the position. An optional clamping screw protects against unintentional adjustment of the linear unit. Our modular system offers a wide range of options for installing the payload and the positioning tables themselves. These can be flexibly combined with each other and with other accessories from our range.

Linear positioning table can be combined in the positioning system

The excellent compatibility with each other and with accessories such as connection modules and rotary elements from our program opens up a wide range of applications for a manual positioning table from our program. Multi-axis positioning systems can be implemented by connecting several tables. The mounting bracket allows system parts to be arranged at an angle of 90° or 45°. Our turntables allow precise pivoting around an axis that is perpendicular to the mounting surface and reliable determination of the set position. Our mounting plates for positioning tables, also made of anodized aluminum, create additional flexibility when setting up a positioning system.

Our Positioning Tables are also available motorized.

Positioniertisch mit Schrittmotor


Positioniertische motorisiert

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