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Precision rotary tables / rotary tablesalsoposition professionally in polar coordinates

Manually operated rotary table in suitable sizes

Our rotary tables enable precise and repeatable positioning around a rotary axis. The self-locking rotating device is available in three sizes, each with three different controls and displays.

With turntable diameters of 54 to 150 millimeters, our rotary positioners form the basis for compact and highly resilient positioning systems with a rotary axis. Due to our modular system, the "manual rotary table" can also be combined with our linearly adjustable positioning elements.

In addition to the dimensions, the optimal size for a selected application results from the required load capacity, the weight of the rotary device and the requirements for the setting accuracy. While the smallest rotary table in our program weighs only 260 grams, our largest manual rotary table, the DT36025 model, weighs 4.35 kg.

Our rotary modules are used in the fields of mechanical engineering, the paper processing industry, plastics processing and mechanical engineering.

Turntable precisely adjustable via scale knob or position indicator

In terms of equipment, our turntables with manual adjustment basically differ in the type of position display. As a standard model, our turning device has a scale button that drives the turntable with almost no play via worm and worm wheel and shows the set position on the scale. As an alternative to the scale button, we also offer our rotary tables with a mechanical or electronic position indicator.

The drive is designed to be self-locking, so that the rotating device does not require any additional locking, such as a clamping device, after it has been set.

Other important features of our turntables are the maintenance-free plain bearings of the rotary axis and worm gear, the high-quality, requirement-based choice of materials and the versatile mounting options that fit into the modular system, which are available for the assembly of the rotary device itself as well as for add-on parts.

Combine turntables with swivel modules, linear units and connecting elements to form a positioning system

We offer the complete positioning technology.Our manual rotation table fits perfectly into our modular system and can therefore be universally combined to form positioning systems with rotary and linear adjustments. In order to be able to offer the most diverse possible combinations, our range also includes static elements such as mounting brackets and mounting plates in addition to positioning elements such as turntables, positioning tables with linear guides.

This makes it easy, for example, to implement multi-axis rotary actuators with rotating axes that cross or are arranged at an angle, or mount a manual rotary table at an angle of 45° on a linear unit. As a further option, our rotary actuators are not only available as a manual rotary table, but also as motorized positioning elements for automation and machine-controlled adjustment.

Our Turntables are also available in a motorized version.

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Motorized Turntables

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