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From the idea to the finished product - everything under one roof

MM Engineering is an owner-managed company based in the municipality of Baiern near Munich, founded in 1996. Christof Merges and Helmut Mentil, the two owners and founders of MM Engineering GmbH, shape the company from product development through production to sales.

MM Engineering GmbH is the specialist for manually adjustable and motorized positioning systems as linear, rotating, cross and lifting units. Our modular system enables a multitude of possible combinations.

Another product segment includes compressed air and vacuum operated lifting cylinders for lifting and depositing parts. The very compact units can be easily integrated into systems.

Another product segment includes compressed air and vacuum operated
Lifting cylinder for lifting and depositing parts. The very compact units
can be easily integrated into systems.

Conveyor belts free of interfering edges with internal drives complete our portfolio.

In-house development and production ensure sophisticated, application-specific solutions with high precision and enable short delivery times.

We currently deliver our products worldwide in sectors such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, medical technology, optical industry, precision engineering, wood processing industry, plastics processing industry, paper industry and glass industry.


Brief history


In-house development

In-house production


We develop our products in-house supported by the 3D software Solid Works.

Our designers work in an ideal development environment. Here, both the direct influences of our production and the needs of the market and the wishes of our customers are converted into optimal results.


We always focus on the quality and availability of our products. That is why we manufacture the parts for our products ourselves on modern high-quality CNC machines.

PDF - machine list

The direct reference to the end product motivates our highly trained skilled workers to perfect their craft.

Every step up to the ready-to-sell part is quality-checked again and again.

Cleanliness and optimal transport packaging ensure flawless components.

In-house assembly

In-house quality assurance


In our assembly department, the products are meticulously assembled, measured and functionally checked.

Every single product runs through a final inspection and is functionally and visually checked again according to various criteria.


Our quality management is trimmed to process and optimize potential.

Our high-quality products go through a product-related quality assurance → here the assemblies and finished parts are examined and recorded down to the smallest detail using the latest measurement technology and a team of experienced specialists.

As a result, we have been delivering the highest product quality for years, which is confirmed day after day by our high customer satisfaction!

"Quality is no coincidence, it is always the result of strenuous thinking!"
John Ruskin (1819-1900), engl. Writer, art critic a. Social philosopher

Sales: back office / trade fairs

Sales: web shop / sales force


One of our product developers is usually available in the back office. In this way, we can always provide our customers with competent advice and address their concerns.

We use several trade fairs every year to present our precision products live to you.


Our webshop offers you the ideal platform for price transparency and data transfer. You can easily download all of our products in 3D STEP format without password or other hurdles.

In the field service we are represented by MM-Südwest Industrievertretung, Mr. Theo Schuler.

Company history

MM Engineering is founded by the two managing directors Helmut Mentil and Christof Merges in Munich. Until then, Helmut Mentil and Christof Merges worked as project managers for machines for the production of credit cards and ID cards and also draw their design experience from this time.

The newly founded company was initially mainly active in the contract construction of special machines. At the same time, the prototype of the first vacuum lifting cylinder, also known as the Husauger or towing vacuum, was developed and MM Engineering's first own series product was born. It was today's lifting suction device DHS3025-S.

Since there were currently no inexpensive yet precise linear units available on the market, MM Engineering developed the first positioning table without backlash at an affordable price. There were two products: short positioning table PT1408 and long positioning table PT4808. From the beginning it was planned to create a modular system for the production of multi-axis systems such as XY axes, rotary-linear combinations, etc. to develop. This development was consistently pursued up to the current, manually operated complete system.

MM Engineering develops its first small conveyor belt with internal drive. The requirements for the conveyor belt were customer-specific configuration options, easy integration into existing machines, long service life of the compact drive technology and the creation of a system that was easy for the customer to understand. For example, when developing the FB10 conveyor system, the use of brushless DC motors, so-called "brushless" motors, was used right from the start.

Relocation from the small start-up office in Munich to Kirchseeon-Eglharting to larger premises.

MM Engineering establishes contacts with sales companies in order to strengthen sales of its own products in addition to activities in the field of contract construction.

The system of manually adjustable positioning units is being expanded. The focus of development is on the size 25 linear unit.

Furthermore, the construction of the manual turntables is initiated. The turntables were designed to adjust small components with almost no play. The possibility of integration in the modular system was also required. It was decided to use a pre-tensioned and therefore almost backlash-free worm gear.

Development of another vacuum cylinders. The very compact suction cup DHS2017 was designed to lift light workpieces weighing up to 300g very quickly.

MM Engineering develops and produces special conveyor systems for conveying transport containers for books. These transport systems are used in libraries.

Relocation to larger premises within Kirchseeon-Eglharting. The continuous shift of activities away from contract construction towards the manufacture of own products requires more space.

MM Engineering develops the mini conveyor belt FB21. It impresses with its very simple construction. The band body consists of 2 identical stainless steel half-shells. As with the small conveyor belt FB10, the drive is internal and takes place via a Maxon A-Max motor with planetary gear.

Introduction of 3D construction.

MM Engineering starts with in-house production. The demands of our customers on the quality of our products as well as the continuously increasing production volumes make it necessary to set up our own parts production. The company is expanded to include a production hall. New modern turning and milling centers are gradually being purchased and additional employees are being hired. The quality of the products has improved significantly since then.
7 modern CNC milling and turning centers are now in use.

MM Engineering GmbH is exhibiting for the first time with its own booth at Automatica in Munich and Motek in Stuttgart. Since then we have had our permanent place at these two international trade fairs.

Our sales activity is reinforced by the industrial agency MM Südwest, Mr. Theo Schuler.

Planning and start of construction of your own company building. The operating rooms are becoming too small and an expansion at the Kirchseeon-Eglharting location is not possible. We decided to build a new company building in the municipality of Baiern in the south-east of Munich.

Introduction of a new ERP system. All sales and production processes as well as cost calculations and warehouse management are now running using the new system.

The company MN - systems, s.r.o. sells the positioning systems product sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Relocation to our newly built company building in Baiern - Berganger with approx. 1,400 square meters of office and production space.

New development of the motorized turntable series "Strong Line" with subsequent market launch.
The series was developed without considering the compatibility with the other MM Engineering positioning modules. In this way, very compact yet heavy-duty rotary modules could be implemented.

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