long positioning table PT7312

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  • Spindle pitch 1 mm
  • 1 graduation mark corresponds to 0.05 mm adjustment travel
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kompakter Lineartisch
  • The slide of the positioning table can be adjusted linearly by turning the scale knob by hand.
  • One graduation mark of the scale knob corresponds to 0.05 mm of adjustment travel.
  • The scale ring can be adjusted relative to the spindle.
    Due to the preloaded spindle and spindle nut, no clamping is necessary after adjustment. 
  • The spindle can be additionally fixed on the bearing block in the D5 thread with the KS-M4X7 clamping screw.


    No backlash

    Spindle nut and spindle bearing are preloaded. This allows the slide to be positioned from either direction without backlash.

    Self-locking spindle

    Due to the preload, the control knob offers some resistance when turning. This means that the carriage always holds its position securely.

    Modular system

    The PT7312 positioning stage can be easily combined with all size 12 adjustment units.

    Special feature


    Verstellbarer Skalenring

    Adjustable scale

    For free selection of the zero position, the scale ring can be rotated and clamped opposite the spindle.

    Positionsanzeiger mit Resetfunktion

    Option: Number orientation for vertical spindle position

    The scale knob is also available with the digits turned 180° (upside down).
    Here the digits are readable with the spindle in vertical position with the knob on top.


    Option: spindle clamping

    The optionally available KS-M4X7 clamping screw can be used to additionally secure the spindle against rotation.

    Combination exam


    Force diagram

    Technical data



    Axial clearance: preloaded backlash-free

    Radial play of the guide: <0.02 mm

    Graduation: 0.05 mm

    Dimensions and weight

    Travel: 73 mm

    Spindle pitch: 1 mm

    Mass: 803 g

    Operating temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C


    RoHS compliant

    Bearing blocks and slides: Anodized aluminum

    Guide columns and spindle: stainless steel

    Sliding bushes: brass



    Massblatt PT7312
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    Order code


    PT = Positioning table

    73 = Travel 73 mm

    12 = Size 12 (Ø guide columns)


    PT = Positioning table

    73 = Travel 73 mm

    12 = Size 12 (Ø guide columns)

    V = Numbers readable with spindle in vertical position


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