Positioning systems for model making in the automotive and automotive industries

A lot of time passes from the idea to the planning to the finished prototype of a new vehicle. Long before a new automobile, omnibus, truck or tractor is commercially available, a large number of work steps take place in the background, barely noticed by the end customer.

For each individual part, models are manufactured in advance for a wide variety of tasks. In order to check the final condition of a body, the body shell and all parts of the interior and exterior cladding are assembled to scale to form a body.

In order to move all body parts to the correct end position in so-called function cubing, modern positioning systems are essential.

Well-known companies in the automotive model making industry have been appreciating MME linear, lifting and rotating tables for setting their cubing models for years.

Until a few years ago, only manual adjustment units were used. In the course of time, motorized linear, lifting and rotating units are increasingly used in this area as well as for the construction of node or area models to provide sophisticated surface transitions, joints and gaps.

The comfortable adjustment and setting properties of the MME positioning technology can also be found in tolerance models for checking and assessing the course of the joints and the transitions on the vehicle. The optical alignment as well as the correct positioning of the moldings to measure can be represented as a rotation as well as a linear movement simulation using the XYZ adjustment axis.

Several sizes and the large selection of matching adjustment elements in the positioning system, and the high setting accuracy of the MME positioning modules (up to 0.01 mm) also enable the exact positioning of your measurement recordings.

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