Clamping Screw KS-M4X7

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Klemmschraube KS-M4X7


  • The clamping screw KS-M4X7 attends to stick the spindel additionally. For positioning tables, cross tables and vertical lift tables with size 08 or 12 
  • prohibits unauthorized readjusting
  • screw made of VA
  • plunger made of POM


  • the clamping screw will be screwed into the bearing block 
  • while tightening the screw, the grub screw with the plastic inset presses onto the  spindle bearing of the positioning table


  • the clamping screw KS-M4X7 serves for an additionally clamping of the spindle of positioning tables, cross tables and vertical lift stages with the size 08 and 12
  • prevent unauthorized adjusting

mounting of the clamping screw into the bearing block:

Montage der Klemmschraube 1


Montage der Klemmschraube 2

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