Long motor positioning table coaxial drive with motor MPT7512-AK-M

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Abmessungen Spindeltisch MPT7512-AK-M

  • Stroke 75 mm
  • Spindle pitch 2 mm
  • Coaxially mounted stepper motor (Nema 17, □42mm)
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  • The motor positioning table is moved linearly by means of a Nema 17 stepper motor and a spindle.
  • The spindle pitch is 2mm and the max. input speed is 600 rpm.
  • The stepper motor has a resolution of 1.8° / step


Cost effective and robust

This motor positioning table offers a cost effective solution for adjustment and positioning tasks in machines and fixtures.

The high-precision long-life sliding guides are vibration-damping and insensitive to shocks and environmental influences.

Low maintenance

The sliding bushes and spindle nuts are suitable for dry running.

For high loads, we recommend lubrication with special plastic grease (Klüber POLYLUB GLY 501).

Modular system

The MPT7512-AK-M motor positioning table can be easily combined with both the motorized and manually operated size 12 adjustment units.

Special features

Claw coupling

The torsionally stiff claw coupling ensures vibration-damping torque transmission.

Schrittmotor und Klauenkupplung

Stepper motor

The stepper motor offers a resolution of 1.8° / step and a holding torque of 50 Ncm.

The spindle drive is suitable for speeds up to 600 1 / min.

Technical data

Load capacity

Fx: 60 N

Fy: 120 N

Fz: 100 N

Mx: 1 Nm

My: 1 Nm

Mz: 3 Nm


Axial play: <0.04 mm

Radial play of the guide: <0.02 mm


Input speed max.: 600 1/min

Travel speed max.: 20 mm/s

Duty cycle max.: 100%

Dimensions and weight

Stroke: 75 mm

Spindle pitch: 2 mm

Mass: 1240 g

Operating temperature: 10°C to 60°C


RoHS compliant

Bearing blocks and sliders: Anodized aluminum

Guide columns and spindle: Stainless steel, hardened

Sliding bushes and spindle nut: Special plastic

Coupling housing: POM plastic

Coupling: aluminum / plast

Motor data


Current per winding:

Rotor moment of inertia:

Inductance per winding:

Holding torque:

Resistance per winding:



NEMA 17 (42 mm x 42 mm)

1,8 A

82 gcm²

3.3 mH

50 Ncm

1,75 Ω

1.8° / step

Motor characteristic

---- 1,8 A / 48 V / bipolar

---- 1,8 A / 24 V / bipolar



Abmessungen Spindeltisch MPT7512-AK-M
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Order code


MPT = motor positioning table

75 = stroke 75 mm

12 = Size 12 (Ø guide columns)

AK = drive coaxial

M = with stepper motor NEMA17

1 = Cable output orientation 1


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